Feeling Overwhelmed By Chronic Illness?


Join a Community of Women Building a Beautiful LIfe Alongside Chronic Illness

The TIREDGIRL Society is more than a network, it’s a sisterhood!  We are all TIREDGIRLS here and we know that chronic illness can strip away at so many parts of your identity; it’s not easy.  So let’s come together and hang out.  Let’s talk about the good stuff.  The amazing stuff.  The fun you have.  The dreams you have.  The creative and spontaneous person that is bursting to get out of you!  And let’s make it happen!!

Bring Ideas To Life

Spend time cultivating your ideas into reality using the Club Forums and our Group Creative Projects to connect with other babes who are on the same path to explore hobbies, passions, and projects.

Get Back To The Good Stuff

Let’s take some time out from hospital visits, blood tests and the daily overwhelm of chronic illness and spend a little more time in a place where we enjoy being us.

Hangout Together

Our community is a closed members society meaning that you are in a totally safe environment, fully supported by your club babes and surrounded by those who understand you.

Ways We Can Help You Thrive Alongside Chronic Illness

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If your missing getting together with friends, you’ll want to join any of our 21 clubs where you can chat online about things you love, how you feel and what interests you whether it’s cooking, art, your pets, books or self-care.  We love getting together in this space every week and chatting from our beds.



If you are feeling lonely and isolated then you are not alone!  We provide a social network (think Facebook for chronic illness!) and give you the tools to build an amazing group of friends who all share the same hopes and the same struggles as you.



Learn new skills and interests alongside women who want to design a life they love whilst managing health conditions that can make studying at college difficult.  We provide the platform to create your dream life by pursuing your passions through fun and inspiring courses that are super TIREDGIRL friendly!



Our Creative Projects will guide you step by step through an exciting and low energy activity you can do from home.   Each project has tutorials and guides to help you craft or create something useful, fun and all without needing to leave home.

What You Get As A Member

  • Weekly Live Chats
  • Monthly Events
  • Access To All Our Clubs
  • Your Own TIREDGIRL Profile Page
  • Enrollment In Our Homeschool
  • Group Creative Projects

Join Our Sisterhood Of Over 2400 Women Changing The Way We Live With Chronic Illness

"Chronic Illness is a lot of me, but it is not all of me."