Home Is Where Our TIREDGIRL Hearts Grow Strong, Together

Our goal is to reduce the anxiety, loneliness and mental health struggles we face as women living with chronic illness and disability by providing the tools to create a wonderful and fulfilling life at home.

Hey Babe!

I'm Abby James

I know exactly how you feel right now.

Lost and struggling to feel whole!

Frustrated that you are being held back by your chronic illness!

Totally over the fact that tomorrow is going to be just the same as today!

I’ve lived with chronic illness and depression most of my life, and one thing I have learned on my journey is that we need to take a break from being consumed by the need to recover before we are able to live a wonderful life again.  I set out to try and find a way to live more, laugh more and invite purpose and passion into my life again – from my bed, behind closed doors and where someone would understand me.  I needed friends, I wanted to talk about the things I love to do and find a way to meet others who share my passion and my disability.  I couldn’t find it.   So I spent 2 years building it.


We launched in March 2018 with the goal of providing a different type of support network in the chronic illness community.  One that is focused on giving you the opportunity to step back from talking about, thinking about and worrying about your illness in a world that has closed the doors before us, making it hard to see a future that is not all about our illness.


We truly believe that you can!  We believe you can create a beautiful life alongside chronic illness by building a foundation that is centered around what you love to do whilst giving you the opportunity to do it with people who understand the struggle you face.


Chronic illness can take a lot from us, but we are all about bringing it back!  At The TIREDGIRL Society, we are big dreamers and the first step we take is to move our mindset from “I can’t” to “I can“.  We have taken all the things that can be hard to do when you have an illness or disability and brought them to you in this beautiful online space.

So if you want to meet up with friends like you used to, pursue hobbies, join clubs, take courses and build an amazingly bright future – you’ll find all that here.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.


Build A Beautiful Life Alongside Chronic Illness