Meet Our Ambassadors

Each of our Ambassadors live with chronic illness and knows first hand how important community and connection is for your wellbeing.  They embody our message and work with us to inspire and grow a community of women who want to create a new path, more opportunities and a fulfilling life at home alongside chronic illness

TIREDGIRL Ambassador For Chronic Illness

Kat Fitzgibbon

Creative Projects Manager
Travel Exchange Club Coordinator

I’m an artist and amateur plant enthusiast, born in Wales and living in the Netherlands with my beautiful girlfriend.  I wish this community had existed 8 years ago when I was first diagnosed (although I was terrible at using the internet back then)! So what I want to do as an ambassador is make this the best, most supportive and accessible place possible for us women who become isolated by our chronic illnesses. I love what this place stands for: not getting better, but learning how to live as we are.  I spent years just ‘surviving’ with this illness, feeling guilt and shame for having a disease I didn’t know how to fix or talk about. But now I’m learning how to have a life alongside it! I’m still learning, but I’m finding that connecting with people who are having similar experiences makes all the difference.

TIREDGIRL Ambassador For Chronic Illness


Book Club Manager
Travel Exchange Club Coordinator

I’m a twenty-something living in Washington, DC, USA with my hubby (and hopefully a dog in the next few months!). I’ve generally been apartment bound this year after my migraines developed into intractable chronic migraine. I’m still learning how to adjust to this new chapter in my journey — but I’m focused on living life to the fullest in the meantime. I was searching for a community that would help me connect with others facing chronic illness, and introduce more meaning and joy into my life without “waiting” for healing. I became an ambassador because I LOVE the TIREDGIRL mission of helping women living with chronic illness to find more strength, solidarity, joy and purpose in each day — no matter how we are feeling!

ambassadors at the tiredgirl society

Zoe Mckenzie

Zoe's Movement Group
TIREDGIRL Fit Club Coordinator

My life was completely turned upside down by my illnesses, as before I was living in Australia working full time as a physiotherapist and pilates instructor and now I am back home in Essex. I started using social media to document my health story and how I use exercise as a way to help me feel like me. I never expected to have gained so much from the chronic illness community in terms of help and friendship. Chronic illness is lonely and we often miss out on so much in the outside world, which I think The TIREDGIRL Society fits in perfectly. It’sana open friendly place to come from your bed or sofa!

TIREDGIRL Ambassador for Chronic Illness

Ruthy W

Sewing & Knitting Club Coordinator

Hiya, I’ve been dealing with chronic illness for ten years now and wanted the chance to give back, share my experiences and help others if I can!  I’m a blogger and business consultant and did a degree as a disabled student so keen to help anyone who’s wondering if they can study whilst being a TIREDGIRL.  I’m also a massive nerd and love gaming, crafting and cosplay 🙂

TIREDGIRL Ambassador for Chronic Illness

Abby McCorkingdale

Study Club Coordinator

I’m 18, from New Zealand and chose to become an ambassador as I feel this community embodies everything I stand for and have learnt from having a chronic illness. Remaining positive with a chronic illness can definitely be difficult so I want to spread the message and help others in similar circumstances become happier in themselves and more content with the lives they are living!

TIREDGIRL Ambassador for Chronic ILlness

Danielle Ortega

Pet Love Club Coordinator

Hey! I’m 27, married to my best friend and also am the founder of Sending Spoons Chronic Illness Subscription Box. I joined #thetiredgirlsociety to help myself find other women that were going through the same things that I am. I became an ambassador so that I would have the chance to help others mourn their past life and accept their new lives! I want all woman to know they are beautiful and strong no matter what they go through!

Grace Alton

Welcome Committee
Self-Love Club Coordinator

Oh gosh, why did I choose to become an ambassador for Tiredgirl? That’s a great question. There were multiple reasons, but the biggest one being the fact that I saw it as an opportunity to be there for others. In the early years of being sick (and not knowing I was sick), I didn’t have anyone to help me figure things out. I was all on my own. Now that I’m a bit older, I have some wonderful people in my life who have been guiding me through the thickest of things when it comes to my illnesses. I wanted to be that person for someone else. Through The TIREDGIRL Society I hope to create an inclusive, helpful space to guide fellow spoonies. I’m always here! You can shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook, just search with my name!

TIREDGIRL Ambassador for Chronic Illness

Laura Fedorowicz

TIREDGIRL Artists Group
Creative Art & Design Club Coordinator

My world changed when my health declined.  The connections I have made online with others who deeply understand the struggle of being Chronically Ill are absolutely invaluable to me.  I recognize and am grateful for the connections I have fostered with these friends.  I want to be a part of a community that focuses’ on living and thriving in our own way despite Chronic Illness.  My art has been a BIG part of my therapy and my healing and my soul wants to share that magic with others.

Sarah Sierra

The Meditation Space
Self-Love Club Coordinator

After being diagnosed with ME in 2017, I spent a long time lost in online communities that furthered a sense of disability and otherness, focusing on pain and treatment which left me feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. I realised that I could no longer let the illness dictate who I was and what I was capable of and reserved to build myself a life that contained joy and purpose within its constraints. I came across The TIREDGIRL Society and it has enabled me to connect with a community of like-minded women, in my own home, to learn new skills, share passions and interests, and put down the burden of illness. Luckily, I am able to put my spoons towards being an ambassador for The TIREDGIRL Society and engage in a much-needed conversation about what we can achieve together.

Cassandra Bumpus

Writing & Journaling Club Coordinator

I live in the Canadian prairies and am married to an American, and yes I brought him up to the cold winters of Canada! I have a freelance writing business and am also working on launching my own blog.  I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby, so I have lived with chronic illness my whole life.  I received a double lung transplant in November of 2016 but transplant is not a cure so I still have CF.  I wanted to become an ambassador because I have always tried to advocate for those with chronic illness and I’m very passionate about showing people with chronic illness that they can and should advocate for themselves when dealing with healthcare professionals! I love the mission of The TIREDGIRL Society to encourage women with chronic illness to live their best life and find joy now rather than waiting until they feel like the time is right or their illness will allow it. There is always a way to let your joy shine through!

ambassador for the tiredgirl society

Ashley Derr

TIREDGIRL Career Club Coordinator

I am spiritual being with a huge heart! I am a mom to a beautiful 12-year-old, Intuitive mentor, yogi, travel addicted, avid reader, love to paint, journal, I enjoy learning and hearing about others life journey. I am excited to be a TIREDGIRL Ambassador because I believe connectivity is how we release grief and pain on a deeper level, we open the door for empathy, understanding, support in a powerful way knowing we aren’t alone and someone truly understands your personal battle each and every day. I am so excited to be able to be part of a community where love, strength, creativity and sisterhood is the vibe! There is something beautiful that happens when women come together and empower each other.

Emily Zelesski

Netflix & Chill Club Coordinator

I am the owner of a dysfunctional reproductive system, experiencing period related problems from the age of twelve. Diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and chronic pelvic pain. Living with an invisible illness has changed everything in my life.  My goal is to make others feel less alone and make their voice count in the fight to raise awareness for women’s reproductive health. The TIREDGIRL Society is a beautiful platform to connect those who feel alone. I am the ambassador for The Netflix and Chill Club because sometimes its okay to escape our daily grind and imagine our lives in some Hollywood creation. You can look forward to lots of movie nights with your fellow TIREDGIRLS.  So get your pajamas on, make a snack, and join me for a great night in!

Grace A.

TIREDGIRL Career Club Coordinator

Hey, I’m Grace.  I have had chronic migraines for over 5 years now.  My migraines have a big impact on my life, I’m often too unwell to go to work and have to cancel a lot of social plans. Despite that, I am passionate about yoga, cooking and living a good life.  Part of living a good life for me is helping people be their best.  I am so excited to help TIREDGIRLs everywhere build their dream careers.

Dawn Gutz

Photography Club Coordinator
Welcoming Committee

Hi, Dawn here! I love to travel, learn languages, learn about cultures, and I’m a huge foodie. I deal with a few chronic illnesses, one of them for about ten years now. Through my health journey, I’ve learned so much and have incorporated many things to help me live my life as fully as possible and enjoy it too. I’m here to welcome you, to spur you on in your endeavors, and to be there for you. Just because we deal with chronic illness doesn’t mean that we let it define us or that we can’t succeed in life. We’re more than that. We are TIREDGIRLS and we are here to help.

Abby B

Photography Club Coordinator

I’m an avid crafter, nature lover and excessive exclamation-point user living in Texas, USA with my fiancé and wonderful cats! I love all things media—photography, writing, graphic design. I have lived with digestive and anxiety issues my whole life, and I always find that talking with supportive friends is one of the best ways to cope and foster positivity. That’s why I was so happy to find the TIREDGIRL Society! I look forward to getting to know many of you and to share our passions and experiences together as your Photography Club Coordinator. Find me on Instagram @queenofqueasy!


Grow & Garden Club Coordinator

I decided to join as an ambassador because I know how beneficial small changes have been to my life. I started growing plants lots in the last year and I love that a little care and attention can make them bloom. I feel that a lot of the same can be applied to us (drink plenty of water, be in the right environment etc).

Hannah L

Home & DIY Club Coordinator

I am so excited to be an Ambassador for The TIREDGIRL Society.  The life-enhancing clubs on this site have inspired me to get back to being creative and enjoying life. I want to help others with chronic illness to build their own kind of happy. The Home and DIY club is a great club for us to share our ideas so we can express our personality and creativity in our homes.  You can find me on Instagram @Wally_Woo_Woo

Alisha C.

TIREDGIRL Voice Manager

Hi, I’m Alisha and I have a hat obsession.  I live in Los Angeles with my husband, I am a graphic and web designer, wanderluster, baker, and chronic migraineur.  Invisible illness can be so isolating and lonely but last summer I found a community that has continuously filled my soul.  Having these connections have been invaluable to my health and well-being.  I chose to become a TIREDGIRL Ambassador because I love the mission and community that’s being built and am passionate about using my creative skills to help the community grow.


Grow & Garden Club Coordinator

I’m Jessica, a twenty-something German girl raised in Canada.  I have a penchant for creating, growing, and designing.  I find a lot of comfort in interaction, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned through this journey it’s that everything you’re feeling, someone else is feeling too.  I am thankful every day for this community of strong and supportive women, and I am thrilled to not only be a part of it- but to continue to spread the word and make it more accessible for all. Exhausted from trying to be better than you feel?  Join us, and just be.