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We are passionate about helping you feel good about everything you are, and everything you do!  And part of that means we provide resources and tools that allow you to create your own wonderful life at home, in your own time and in your own way.  Homeschool gives you the chance to access a huge selection of courses that are TIREDGIRL friendly, and to study, plan, support and enjoy the journey together with friends who understand.  We have created an online campus, away from the bright, noisy and often inaccessible learning environments and brought it to you, in bed.

Be Part Of A Real School

We Celebrate Every Achievement

Our Homeschool is a place where we can reconnect with our goals and dreams.  Somewhere we value and celebrate earning slowly, together and with compassion for ourselves and our needs.  Like any school, once you graduate from the course you have taken you will receive a certificate from us.  Download and print your certificate, hold it proudly and snap a photo to upload to our Graduate Wall.  Every one of us understands what an accomplishment this is and we can’t wait to see you up on the wall of photos!

Make The Best Of Now

Spend Your Time At Home Doing What You Love

Let’s bring back more to our lives.  If you feel like you have lost your dreams, or they have been taken away from you – then this is a way to get them back, or better yet create new ones for yourself!  Take the time to think and daydream of what you could do now in this time you have.  It may just bring you closer to finding out a new passion or dream lifestyle that you didn’t know before.  All our courses are designed to be taken online, at home and are 100% in your own time with no deadlines and lifetime access.

Change The Way You Live Alongside Chronic Illness

Welcome to a brand new way to live your dreams alongside illness.  Our Homeschool is a global online campus, giving you the tools and resources to take courses from home and study alongside your beautiful sisterhood of TIREDGIRLS.

Each one of our courses has been hand-picked by us, is fully online and is accessible for a range of learning needs, abilities, and interests.  Whether you are wanting to learn and upskill hour hobbies, try something new or start a career for yourself at home by gaining credentials and knowledge – we are here doing it alongside each other.

We also support and offer to learning pathways to help you plan out your goals.  Whether you have been wondering if you could make money from home selling your art or crafts, or want to write ebooks and guides you can sell on your blog or website – this is the place to connect with thousands of TIREDGIRLS who understand.

Step 1

Browse our course catalog for inspiring courses ranging from art, animals, wellness, careers, nutrition, Instagram and blogging from $9 to $145 with up to 70% off.  Our courses are hand picked by us to be TIREDGIRL friendly!

Step 2

Choose your course and start learning in your own time from home through the course provider with online classes and printable materials.

Step 3

Chat and study alongside friends in our online student campus where you can enjoy being a part of a school and connecting with women who all understand what it’s like having chronic illness.

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